Let’s Move! Missoula: Unplug and Play May 4-10th, 2014
Kick-off Event 1-4 pm, May 4th at McCormick Park
More information coming soon!

  UPP2011Let’s Move! Missoula Unplug & Play Outside 2014!

Let’s Move! Missoula is happy to be part of Unplug & Play Outside.  This is a global campaign to educate families about the effects of too much “screen time” from television, computers, gaming system, iPods, iPads, and cell phones.  Unplug and Play Outside! challenges families to limit recreational screens for a week and reap the many benefits.  This year’s theme is to unplug and play OUTSIDE.   Missoula has endless opportunities for screen-free fun and relaxation. Even having kids outside in their own yard is a boon to their health and creative spirit.  Want to learn more?

How do you get started?  That’s easy…..join us for the FREE kick-off event at McCormick Park, May 4, 1-4 PM.  You won’t believe how much fun it will be for you and your kids. 

kids with rockets

Did you miss Unplug & Play Outside 2013?  Please take a look at the articles to the right for lots of information and click here for our booklet.  Hope to see you this year!